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  1. Hi folks, If I change the filename of an Microsoft Office attachment and then make an edit to it, the file name reverts back to the original filename from when it was first added to the note. For example, if I attach an Excel file named Test v1.xls and then later rename it to, say, Test v2.xls, when I make a subsequent edit to the spreadsheet (by opening it from within the note using Excel and saving), the attachment filename reverts back to Text v1.xls. I have tested with a text file attachment without seeing the issue which suggests that it is confined to Microsoft Office attachments only. I am running the latest version of Evernote for Mac and have tried logging out of the application and logging back in to no avail. I have also tested this on my other Mac where I am also using Evernote for Mac and confirm exactly the same issue exists (so it does not appear to be local computer configuration issue). I was wondering if anyone has observed this issue and can offer any suggestions for a fix please. Thanks.
  2. They indicated towards the end of this year but to be honest I am not hopeful. Frankly, I would just like them to get the current Mac and iOS working properly again but that's another subject
  3. Hey folks, I thought I would provide an update on this issues since, unfortunately, some one eyed Evernote zealots attempted to undermine this post by claiming that there was no issue. Well, as I stated many times this post was never about whether there was an issue because that is clear to those of you who actually know how Evernote works, but nevertheless here is a reply from Evernote support who confirmed the issue is as I described. More importantly though, is the acknowledgement that they are looking into a potential fix. Let's hope so because it's still not fixed in v8.x for iOS. Enjoy the facts ..
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Deleting and re-establishing them worked. They have now successfully synced across my two Macs and two iOS devices. That was an odd one because the searches actually worked correctly on my Mac but just would not sync. I'll remember that trick for next time. Thanks again
  5. Oh geez, here we go again. Another Guru thinking that he owns the forum. Please Indy, read my reply to you again. I don't want your help. I didn't ask for your help. I don't need your help. You can't help - you are not an Evernote developer. I know that hurts but this is not about you. What is the point on asking for verification from you of issues that Evernote themselves have already verified!? You will see that my post was in reply to Chantal's request for feedback which I provided in the spirit of helping Evernote see a perspective from a typical Evernote user which you are most certainly not. I doubt that any Guru who lives their lives on the Evernote forums is going to provide an impartial user perspective. I am truly happy that you are happy with Evernote but I can assure you that I am not, as many others are not - HINT: There is a reason that the iOS app hasn't climbed above 2 stars since v8 was released. Try not to be offended that I don't want your help. Just move onto someone that needs it. I won't be offended if you do. .... Anyway, I know you love to have the last word so away you go ...
  6. Appreciate the offer for assistance with the issues but the purpose of the post was simply to make it clear that the recent update has done nothing to assist with the myriad of issues that I have identified. These have already been raised, verified by Evernote Support, assigned ticket numbers and, I am told, are being addressed by the Evernote dev team. The problem is that after months of fiffaffing around with these they still are not fixed. Many of these have also been raised by others in the forums so I don't think providing the details again is going to help solve them (in fact there is so much repetition on these forums of the same issues I doubt that Evernote even bother reading the forum posts anymore - I certainly know from my experience they don't). These are clear software development issues that only developers can fix. It just requires that Evernote management make it their priority instead of what I can only assume is misdirection in getting them to keep messing around with the UI and migrating to Google cloud platforms so that the CEO can help his buddies back at Google. ... in the meantime I'll keep waiting for all these alleged wonderful new features the recent refactoring is meant to produce but hoping that they really just get a basic note editor working like it should have been at least 5 years ago (you know something is awry when a 10+ yr old software company in the business of note taking gets excited about an update that provides working tables! .. now we just need them to get numbered lists working and we can have a real party).
  7. Thanks for doing that. Your success seems to indicate the issue is something to specific to my set up or account. I have only ~60 saved searches which is below the 100 limit which I believe exists so that can't be the issue either.
  8. Hi folks, Can anyone shed some light on why I cannot save a search query that contains only three parameters? Evernote throws a sync error stating "The query is too long". A query with three parameters is hardly excessive and if the error is due to the number of characters then maybe Evernote search terms should not be so verbose. Here are the specifics: The following three saved searches were created and work successfully to produce the desired results: Saved Search Name: "Overdue <1 month" Query: -reminderDoneTime:* reminderTime:month-1 -reminderTime:day Saved Search Name: "Overdue 1-2 months" Query: -reminderDoneTime:* reminderTime:month-2 -reminderTime:month-1 Saved Search Name: "Overdue 2+ months" Query: -reminderDoneTime:* -reminderTime:month-2 However, Evernote throws up the attached sync error. Any help appreciated.
  9. I can report that v6.11.1 has NOT RESOLVED ONE OF THE MANY ISSUES (I've lost count but let's say its around 10) that I have raised with Evernote over the last few months and which has been the subject of an inordinate amount of correspondence and effort. Furthermore, in a cruel twist of fate, the very note that I set up to manage the myriad of issues that I have raised can now be used to consistently hang the entire Evernote application through nothing more than a simple de-indent associated with a numbered list. Here's a screen shot showing the pitiful status of the issues that I have raised. Evernote should be utterly embarrassed that this is the best they can do after 10+ years of software development.
  10. You're most welcome. Since I last posted, I tried to make the case to Apple that Evernote's iOS App was not adhering to the iOS design principles in allowing a user to decide whether they wanted App data included in iCloud backups or not, and therefore Apple should not have approved the App. Apple did a lot of testing and acknowledged the existence of the issue but their position is that it is a issue with the Evernote application so a resolution needs to come from Evernote. No great surprise really. I guess they are making a nice little $ off the fact that Evernote users are needlessly paying for iCloud backup storage of offline Evernote notes. I was also hoping iOS10 would fix the issue but alas it did not. I have given up trying to get either Evernote or Apple to resolve this issue and no longer use offline notebooks either.
  11. Lol. Your lack of self awareness is impressive. Take a look at your behaviour in this post ask yourself whether you are really about helping others or more about feeding your ego (Indiana Jones, really?) by racking up garbage posts that are mostly off topic and conveniently ignore, and do not directly respond to, the multitude of facts that have been presented. The problem you create for yourself in romping into this post (and many others I notice) proclaiming to be the oracle of all things Evernote is that you blind yourself to the information that has been presented beforehand, not only by me but by the others that have posted. Remember, that I didn't post here to seek validation of the issue because I know that it is exists because, unlike you, I have actually taken the time to thoroughly validate the issue across multiple devices and across many accounts to confirm it. Remember, others have also independently validated it in this thread. A better approach to contributing to a forum post like this would have been along the lines of "I have not observed that issue .... " instead of your arrogant approach of "You are all wrong and I am right because I have not seen the issue". As you are still having trouble accepting that there is an issue let me try to help you get past your ego and little green elephant bias with a few questions that will demonstrate that you really are wrong: 1. Reply with a screenshot of your iPhone that shows the feature that allows you to configure iCloud backups to exclude offline notebook data. This is probably the most succinct way to demonstrate the problem because I am yet to find such a feature, and if such does not exist, please explain how to exclude offline notebook data from being backed up to iCloud (excluding turning off notebook syncing before each iCloud backup which of course would be impractical). 2. If I understood you correctly, in your earlier post you stated that the issue I have described "could be due to your environment". Sorry, I cannot make any sense out of that statement with respect to the issue presented. Are you suggesting that my configuration of iPhone version, mac, Evernote App, planet alignment, religious beliefs etc conspire to remove the elusive feature that allows one to stop iCloud from backing up offline notebook data? If that's not what you meant by "environment" then please explain and please explain how such an "environment" can possibly explain the issue I have described. I am a very technical person so feel free to explain as technically as you would like. I can feel the crickets clearing their throats already ...
  12. JMichaelTX, you are priceless. For someone advocating the importance of acting on the facts, you do a fine job of ignoring them. Unfortunately, your replies still indicate that you don't understand what this post is about and I just don't have the time to explain. Just remember, your 3336 posts don't make you technical. They don't make you smart. They just demonstrate that you are enthusiastic and have a lot of spare time on your hands (retired? unemployed?) and are probably very biased. Don't get ahead of yourself.
  13. Lol. You're back JMichaelTX! All those screenshots I've attached must be my imagination. Just ignore them then. Oh, you already did. Really, you are embarrassing yourself now. I've observed your trolling behavior in other posts and would like to suggest that you will obtain more meaning to your life doing volunteer work in a charity than living your life in the Evernote forums. Kudos for the quantity of posts, just need to work on the quality now. Thanks for your contribution though. I enjoy a good laugh.
  14. Agree csihilling, it's a complete PITA and renders Offline notebook syncing useless, which is a must when travelling. All that is required is for current native iOS switch to turn off App Data from using iCloud and everything would be fine but for some reason (enter Conspiracy theory) Evernote are allowed to circumvent the design and use storage that the user cannot control gets included in iCloud backups. I don't mind paying for Evernote premium but the recent pay rises become less palatable when Evernote/Apple are, in effect, forcing users to pay for iCloud storage they don't need. An official explanation from Evernote on this is needed because I really can't join the dots on their design logic.
  15. Some further test results using my iPad attached which show that Evernote offline notebooks were taking up 20.1 GB of iCloud backup storage space. As highlighted above, there is no way to stop this (other than not using offline notebooks) as the native iOS functionality to turn off App ICloud data backups does not work with the Evernote App).
  16. JMichaelTX, your haste, inaccuracy and anger don't serve you well for someone proporting to be operating in the interests of the Evernote community. I think you may be taking your alleged "Guru" status a little too seriously. It's just a forum and if it makes you so upset I think it might be time for a break. I certainly don't mind if you wish to move on to another forum post. I have posted here for the benefit of people who are in a similar situation to me and are looking for an explanation as to why their iCloud device backups have grown so large and may want to contribute to a solution. I am not here to debate whether the issue exists or not because I know that it does.
  17. JMichaelTX, I am sorry that you having trouble understanding the issue so suggest you read my post again carefully this time. You will see very clearly that I am referring to iCloud storage. You will also see that while the settings reference in item 1 is to device storage, the reference in item 3 is not. The operative word you have missed in your haste is "(iCloud header)." in the settings path statement in item 3. Thanks for your input though.
  18. Thanks for confirming I am not losing my mind. I have certainly lost some hair over this. Whether it's a bug or deliberate design to circumvent Apple's iCloud data storage protocols (e.g. using the phone cache instead of "Data and Documents") the bottom line is that it is impacting Evernote customers significantly both in terms of financial cost in paying Apple for something they don't need and causing significant difficulty for customers to troubleshoot why their iCloud storage usage is so high. I have literally spent hours trying to figure this out. I have also had a support request open now for over 60 days with Apple on this issue (believing it was a bug with how iCloud backup was working) which has passed through 4 technicians and escalated to the USA team all without one reply back to me (A case study in customer service incompetence). Apple has been woeful in addressing this issue and it's clear why - they are benefitting significantly from this issue. The only reason my interest was peaked was because I received a request from Apple to pay to increase my iCloud storage space. As I deliberately avoid iCloud storage like the plague (because it is a woeful service that has lost data of mine previously) I knew something was wrong. Conspiracy theorists would have it that there is a nice little agreement between Evernote and Apple to not address this issue, hence explaining why Apple haven't got back to me and why this has remains unresolved by Evernote for so long (I am pretty certain the smart folk at Evernote know about this). I eagerly await Evernote's response.
  19. I have discovered what I believe is a significant flaw (bug?) in the design of the iOS Evernote App in that offline notebooks are included in iCloud device backups even if the iCloud is set to not include Evernote data. I am interested if others have noticed this and whether Evernote is doing something to address the issue which leads users to needlessly paying for iCloud storage that they don't need (ie. There is no need to backup Evernote data to iCloud when Evernote itself is a cloud service). There needs to be a way to tell iCloud not to backup the data included offline notebooks. Some observations: On my iPhone under Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > (Storage header) Manage Storage > Evernote , the storage is listed as 748 MB. Drilling down one level further shows that this is made up of 95.9 MB for the Evernote App and 653 MB for "Documents and Data". On the same iPhone I have multiple notebooks set to offline sync which take up approx. 15GB of space. I would expect this to be showing against the "Documents and Data" section advised in 1. above but it is not. This data seems to be located in a non configurable location of the iPhone (possibly a cache). When iPhone storage is viewed through iTunes this 15GB of Evernote storage is included under the "Other" label (determined by observing the change in the size of the "Other" data before and after deleting the Evernote app from the iPhone - refer attached screenshots). My iCloud backups have been increasing in size proportionally to the offline notebooks that I sync to it, even though I have not set iCloud to backup Evernote data using the switch available at Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > (iCloud header) Manage Storage > iPhone name > Backup options > Evernote. Further to 3. I have confirmed that iCloud is backing up the offline notebook data by observing well over a 15GB* drop in iCloud backup size after deleting the Evernote app via the test that I mentioned in 2. above. Refer attached screenshot. * Interestingly the drop in iCloud backup size was greater than than what I determined my Offline notebooks were consuming. I believe that deleting the Evernote App from the phone must have also cleared orphaned Evernote data that had accumulated there over time (thus explaining why my "Other" storage usage was increasing. There is no switch/setting that I am aware of either on the iPhone, in iCloud or in Evernote that can stop offline notebooks being backed up to iCloud meaning that Premium users using offline notebooks (a critical feature in my book) are having to needlessly pay for a higher iCloud storage level than they need (in my case, it pushes me from the 50GB level to the 200GB at an incremental cost of $40 p.a.). The only way that I can see to stop offline notebook data being backed up to iCloud is to turn off offline notebooks prior to taking iCloud backups. This is not a feasible solution as syncing offline notebooks takes a ridiculous amount of time already due to the inability for it to be done in the background and even then the alleged benefit of iCloud backup is that it is done in the background daily without requiring constant user oversight. In my view, the offline notebook device data should show up against the "Documents and Data" section for the app consistent with how other apps work and equally should be configurable to iCloud backups through the switch mentioned in 3. above so that the user can decide whether they want it backed up to iCloud. Evernote would be wise to fix this issue as the savings through iCloud fees might offset the recent increase in Premium fees. I'm interested in other's comments and observations on this issue.
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