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  1. Yes, please! I don't have any shared notebooks (unless one got made behind my back) and I still see this.
  2. I have over 11K notes, and I wanted to try exporting them as HTML files instead of XML. I got only a few files in when I got the alert "Unable to save HTML to disk" with a file that has a huge long title with lots of punctuation in it. Other than that, it's a simple text file (I even did a simplify formatting on it to make sure). It would, frankly speaking, be a lot more useful to me to be able to export into a huge folder full of HTML and such rather than the XML, which is only good for backups IMHO. I know this isn't a new bug, but it's a sure a big giant hole in the "it's my data" mantra Evernote says. Seriously, if a file can't be saved with a certain name, change the name! It's HTML, so I'm not gonna lose the title because it will be in the file between the title tags.
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