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  1. Hi guys...is 6:00 AM in the morning and I just found how to fix the problem and upload images into a note of Evernote. First of all, I must confess that, after many unsuccesfull attemps to fix the problem witn EN, I decide to try Onenote. After installing Onenote I tried to open the app and a warning appeared saying that in order to open Onenote I must desactivate the deletion of all activities when stopping the use of an application. (I have a Note 20 Ultra) To do this I had to go to Developers Options. To make visible the Developer Options I had to go to Settings/About the phone Then, Software Information and click 7 times on Compilation Number. After doing this, return to settings and you will see the Developers Options. Click on it. Go to Apps and deactivate the option of deletion all activities when you finish using an app. After doing this I was able to open Onenote and make a first exploration of it. When I close Onenote I returned to Evernote just because I'm an stuttborn and...Voila..!! I was able to insert images in my notes and the delays dissapeared..!!! Excuse me for my english..I'm from Argentina and need a rest also, but I'm so happy that I decide to share my experience with you, before abandon myself to the arms of Morfeo..!! 😀🤣😅 My best regards for all of you...!! I hope that this will help you too.!! Oscar Jaime Moreno M.D.
  2. I have the same problem. Using Note 20 ultra with Android 11 cannot upload images to my notes but it can be done from my desktop with Windows 10 and an Android tablet with Evernote 7. I tried to reinstall Evernote, reiniciate the phone etc and nothing happened. Help, please.¡
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