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  1. Finally an update, fortunate my wife used app store to unwillingly subscribe to YinXiang we didn't know it was different and not interchangeable. As evernote said we have to contact yinXiang and contacting YinXiang is impossible, we got refunded with the help of Apple. Sadly an other friend got subscribed to YinXiang premium directly and not trough app store. If some-one has a tip how to get this refunded please. Very very difficult to distinguish to with service you sign in or up from the app. Make it a slider between YinXiang or Evernote the current proces is horrible and very
  2. Hi Gazumped, sadly the point it is is almost impossible for me to contact YinXiang support as it is a different subsidiary and all is only in Chinese. For evernote they just refer to YinXiang for support this issue. The help center is a struggle to get trough I think I'll switch to note's under iOS 10 and Sierra it's a pity as web clipper and scannable are great apps but the hassle to share note's is to big especially with the ridiculous YinXiang mess they have created. Sad sad sad.
  3. As we are Evernote users and relocated to China having Yinxiang as totally separate service is a nightmare. Downloading Evernote will show Chinese interface and before you know you sign-up to Yinxiang and than trouble starts, Please address this issue. And make an export function in the webapp to be able to migrate back to Evernote please! Now my wife has on both premium (by accident) but no clue how to get all her notes together in Evernote.
  4. We moved to China by after getting her iPhone replaced, by accident my wife signed in up to yinxiang, instead of logging in to her Evernote account. (This is a big issue and very hard to see you expect to sign in to Evernote but instead you sign up to yinxiang). Then Troubles are starting as you are not able to share yinxiang to Evernote if you share a notebook the link let me sign up to yinxiang. I can't sign in to yinxiang on the app because the accounts have the same email address etc. How do I get the 30+ note's out of yinxiang and how do I get the yinxiang premium redeemed. This is
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