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  1. Hi Evernote Employees, I'm a dedicated premium user with almost 12k notes. Center of my digital life on OS X, iphone, ipad, and webapp on linux. Please bring back the OS X horizontal list view. I rely on it for note sorting by attributes and I really do need the width. Can't hide the sidebar: I frequently use shortcuts there and I drag notes to tags as a way of tagging quickly. I <3 Evernote and am looking forward to its continued success and evolution. This was a learning experience for the devs and users, and that's OK. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the engagement in the forums. best, Stephen
  2. Ditto. I converted my entire library (> 500 books) to OCR'd PDFs. A local copy shop uses a hydraulic blade to chop off each spine ($1 each), and then I feed through my scansnap S1500M for OCR and storage. Any texts I'm actively working with get attached to an Evernote note (or, if > 20 MB, dropbox) for easy cross-platform access. I scan at 300 dpi and store at 150 dpi after text-under-image OCR. Searching and marking-up resulting PDFs is plenty fast on iPad2 and mac, linux, and windows desktops.
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