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  1. I find it sad that we are now in 2021 and the fonts issue hasn't been resolved. Even this discussion group lets me have choice of fonts and size and colour I have kept an older version of Skitch App (circa 2013) on an iMac computer on system Sierra as control of fonts in labelling Skitch Screengrabs is so useful. Over the years I have accumulated info in those screen grabs of house plans showing where all ethernet ports are, aerial maps with danger zones etc. These pictures are so very useful and worth a thousand words with the fonts varying in size and arrowed labels. Surely with every other app using varied fonts and emojis it is not too difficult over nearly a decade to improve and use the native font library - 64bit surely gives wider presentation choices. This influences me in subscribing to Evernote/Skitch as I really have to use Preview or Pages in a much more cumbersome way to emulate what was SO SIMPLE in SKITCH APP v1
  2. So the remarkable workaround... You open the OLD version Mac Version of Skitch which hasn't been overwritten by the new Evernote version because that is still working from the Downloads Folder. Do a Skitch in the Old Mac Skitch and choose its font and size and style.. Save and then open that Skitch in the new Evernote Skitch and the font you changed to is retained.. So there must be a common preference file?? Works anyway but why will EVERNOTE not do this native in the App.
  3. Just had to make the forced change from the MAC only version of Skitch.... because Colour popup had gone crazy and would pop up somewhere on or half off or fully off the screen and not be clickable. The last item I did in Mac Skitch used a cursive writing font and when I installed the latest version of Skitch which saves to ever note... What a shambles - NO CHOICE OF FONT.. now I read this forum and find MAC which started out with SKITCH has been totally dudded to make it work on ANDROID and WINDOWS. I am literally heartbroken.. this was the BEST application on my Mac - used all the time and now I have a dumbed down version.. Why cannot it not call on FONTBOOK - why do organisations buy up a good product and ruin it. EVEN on this website I get to choose font and style Can't you at least let the app choose the WEB FONTS which surely Android and Windows are capable of.....
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