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  1. When I find a note using the note search tool it shows the notebook but not the stack. Because I have several stacks, I can't easily navigate to the notebook - I have to use the notebook search tool. It's often not just the note I want, but other notes in the notebook. Please: Include the stack with a notebook wherever possible. I.e., the complete path. Hyperlink notebooks so you can easily navigate to them wherever possible Example screenshots: , Suggestions/corrections welcome if I missed something. Thanks!
  2. I think I figured it out. Select a notebook, then right-click on the Tags area in the left pane and select "Hide Unassigned Tags". This does exactly what I want - it shows only the tags used by the selected notebook.
  3. Thanks, that's helpful, but it still requires I select each tag. It would be nice to know, for example, which tags actually have notes in the selected notebook without having to look at each tag individually.
  4. In the Windows version of Evernote the left panel shows the tags and number of notes per tag. It would be nice if when I select a notebook the tag counts were updated for that notebook. That way I can see what tags exist in that particular notebook. RIght the now the only way I know of to do this is view the tags column in the note list or view each note separately. Is there some other way to list all tags used in a given notebook?
  5. I'd really like to see text zooming in the Windows version. I very often use control-mousewheel or control-+/- to zoom text (without changing the font), so I'm constantly aware of the fact that this very common feature is missing. If this were a text editor, like Notepad++, I could understand. But Evernote combines many different types of content pasted from many different sources with different sized fonts, image sizes (which can't be resized?), etc, so a lack of zooming can be frustrating. I've been using OneNote for a while, and this is something that's making it hard to switch to Evernote.
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