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  1. Samesies! I'm on v10.11, Android, on a Samsung S10 with its native OS using Gboard (I think). When I place the cursor before a word and type something new, then hit spacebar, the cursor jumps to the end of the word on which I originally placed the cursor. A fix would be appreciated! The workaround I have, which is awkward but might help people, is not to place the cursor at the very front of a word, but in front of the previous space before it.
  2. This is basically a +1 for allowing indented first lines of paragraphs. Use case: I write most of my content using line breaks between paras but when I'm drafting long-form content (i.e. for books) it is cleaner to use indented first lines. If I can't do this in Evernote, I can't draft my long-form content in it, because converting it afterwards is a serious pain.
  3. I like having autocorrect but wish it was easier to undo. A single key (or just CMD Z) to undo the correction would save me constant frustration at having to mouseover the word, right-click and undo it. ...and have to do that EVERY time I type the word (such as brand names and corporate lingo, both of which I use all the time). And +1 for learning words and adding to dictionary automatically.
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