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  1. Hello, I have two URGENT feature requests: I rely a lot on a custom templates feature for my academic research. However, whatever functionality I gain from templates is lost because there is no "insert template into note" option. I start typing in the title, and the "open gallery" button goes away and I have to delete my note and start another note over again in order to get the template I want! I'd like to be able to have easy access to my note templates at all times and be able to insert multiple templates into a single note if I want to. I also NEED to be able to filter by notebook stack. I use Evernote for both my personal life and my academic research - I like the filter by notebook option, but I use different notebook stacks for different reasons and have over 6 notebook stacks and probably 50+ notebooks. I need to be able to use notebook stacks to bunch related notes together while still having a semblance of organization that isn't just relying on tags. Being able to filter by notebook stack would GREATLY help my organization and workflow. Please make it happen!
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