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  1. Some good ideas here, thank you for your thoughts. I wouldn't expect software companies to keep up with all the different laws, that is my responsibility, I just need a place to to put my documents/photos/videos.
  2. I home school my grandchildren and need an app that I can access on all my devices like Evernote. There are lots of planning apps, but I can't find one strictly for record keeping to be sure we are in compliance with state laws. I would like a calendar format like a planner, with times. But I want to be able to add documentation of the days projects like photos, scans, videos, ect. I also want to be able to add text for example (practiced counting). I also want to be able to add categories like science, math, reading, ect. So that each item is categorized and tabulated. So I can see how many hours of each subject we have done in day, week, month and year time frames. This is how in envision the outline Notebook: Child 1 Note: 2021-2022 school year When I open the Note it takes me to today's date, I can swipe left or right to go back or forward in time. So back to yesterday so I can update. Each day has times like a planner where I can add text or media or websites. I can adjust to say video is 3 hours of science for example. And a running total of each subject/category as well as total school hours. Maybe I click on a time and I get a prompt asking what type of entry (photo, text, website...) then asked what category, then what time frame, then chose the file, or type text. I can't add a video of my granddaughter planting a seed to the pen and paper records. I want to be able to prove, should we need to, that we are doing education that doesn't only happen with paper. A planner can't show the excitement and understanding on her face when she watches a chick hatch or when she sees the Grand Canyon.
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