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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think you might misunderstand my point. I have no intention of proposing a change to the user interface(e.g. notebook or note color). I was just thinking of another way of categorising notes to ease search so people don't have to remember Beatles tag to a British band or beetle to an insect as years later they may forget particular tags linking with what kind of notes anyway. They merely remember a funky note by its code 'pink'. Well, I express color my personally way. Green no longer stands for Lybia nor green party, it's environmentalism or healthy food. I guess you guys watched a movie 'A few good man' last century? 'Code Red' is a common type of military orders to rough up an uncooperative soldier. I even suspect it is necessary to be 'color code' but still a natural way to group, isn't it? Just a concept.
  2. Yesterday I was absurdly cheerful to find a most important email(in page 286) from my Gmail inbox thanks to the color code assigned 2 years ago. I even forget the email subject. Do we need more? No we don't. Sorry for not searching similar topics first.
  3. Just wondering if notes can be categorised with a more 'generic' type, e.g. color code? We naturally recognise vegetable from meat in a shopping trolley as it's easy to distinguish them from colors.(fresh green meat? from Mars?) The idea originates from M$ Outlook 2003+ color codes implementation. Oops I forget we have tags in evernote! What about attaching a color code to a tag? Anyway I am not sure it is a good idea though. Open discussion for you creative evernote guys!!
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