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  1. That absolutely solved the problem on my iPhone. Thank you for sharing. I'm still at a loss as to why my shortcuts went haywire on the desktop PC.
  2. The app on my iphone is now stuck with the Task intro about getting early access. I've turned off the iphone. I deleted the app and re-loaded it. Nothing helps. It is still stuck on that intro page. I use the app throughout the day and now I can't even access it. Please help.
  3. Yesterday I agreed to the new "tasks" feature on my iphone, and the app won't move beyond that screen. I can't access Evernote at all on my phone. Then I return to my desk only to find my notes all askew. A lot of my favorites/shortcuts were missing and other notes became shortcuts/favorites. I can't even find a phone number or email to contact anyone at Evernote for support. Please help!
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