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  1. None of the above was effective, but a few days later I couldn't download a file, also with a card comment. So I reset the device, keeping no back up (after making sure files and photos were in storage on the web, but no device backup). This appears to have fixed things.
  2. No, I'm on a relatively new Lenovo tablet, but I had the same sequence of events with Corrupted SD card, replaced, and now all other apps are fine except Evernote.
  3. I'm having this same issue. Did you come up with a solution?
  4. Here's my update. I played around later and found that with a new note everything worked. I noticed that a new note popped out initially. I then looked at different ways notes were created and found those I personally had not created (clipper, android quick notes, etc.) seemed to work okay. Then I cycled back to my notes. Popped one out and I could use my virtual keyboard. Then tried my notes not popped out and now they seem to be working. Can't say for sure its either universal or ongoing one way or the other. But for now I'm okay.
  5. I hear you, I've submitted a support request. I did email as today is a bit of bear for me and I have to get up and out. So I'll update later.
  6. I agree with that post but those are issues that have been present from the get go with touch. This is a new issue with the latest update and I hope that Evernote will take a look or other users will tell me if they have or have not had an issue. This is much more limiting as you can't create or edit notes without attaching a real keyboard, and I can't figure out any work around.
  7. I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. When I try to use the built in screen keyboards to edit notes. I can't. They will edit note titles. I've already tried the standard start, stop, uninstall, reinstall to no success.
  8. Both Android and Windows can do this. In both of them, this appears as a keyboard options.
  9. Have you tried the app Screebl? I find this works well with my Samsung devices and rapid timing out.
  10. I think if I was going to create move than one list, I would not create sub-lists by type (like toiletries), but by trip type. So I'd have a camping trip I I day business, week long conference, and so forth. I like the double checkbox idea.
  11. What DTLow describes would work in a Samung tablet which does offer split screens and, of course, Windows.
  12. I'm also having q camera/scanning in a Nexus 5X. Today it took the photo and then closed up.
  13. My observation in terms of straightforward note taking is that organized speakers/teachers/presenters yield notes that are also organized. Disorganized folks produce disorganized notes.
  14. As I've noted elsewhere, I used the template as a planning calendar. I could also see them as being useful for event calendars or schedules. Sometimes you don't want the detail of a group event on a true calendar.
  15. I've used the Evernote calendars as planning calendar when working to move houses this summer. It helped to layout the two months. I could spot bottlenecks and empty spots where I could fill in with tasks.
  16. Near as I can tell the clipboard memory is strictly a Samsung feature. My Nexus phone doesn't have it, but my old Note 8 does. Personally, I wish windows had it! On my note 8 Samsung keyboard, there is an icon in the right corner that to me looks like a D-cell battery, but I think is a clipboard that will bring up that clipboard memory piece.
  17. In the past, I've found that if I have have a chart with bullets, checkboxes, etc inside it that I can't edit it on Android.
  18. Find a month that the first is a Sunday, change the title to January, add 31 if needed. January is good to go.
  19. They made the calendars editable. And I'd guess that you already have templates for each of the seven variations a month can have. You just need to charge the month title and possibly add or remove numbers at the end of the month.
  20. One more overall thought. This might be a case where having a small dedicated notebook would be the way to go.Then each project could have its own note and the list of projects is always accessible at the note book level.
  21. I'm not sure it is that different. In your version each project has a name and some kind of button or open arrow beside it. You present the note and for each project you wish to discuss, you click the arrow and it opens that project in the note. If each project only has a few lines as you show above then your use case might prove more slightly more effective. However if you have less than a screen's worth of projects with only a few lines each project, the most effective thing to do in that case might be not to have any hide or drop down or link at all, with a screen's worth of projects, just list everything out. But if you have a project with more than a few lines of material underneath it or say meeting notes with third parties then I think the Evernote linking system is similar to the collapse feature. Let's look at the steps you'd go through in each system with a large project system. In your version, you click the project and it opens several screens worth or material or even more sections that you click open to reach whatever section or sections you want to discuss with the group. To move onto another project cleanly, you'll need to scroll up and close up each of these opens OR at least close the big one up. Or you could continue to scroll down in the note until you reach the next project. In the current Evernote situation, you open a similar note and click on a project. Instead of opening in that note you are taken to a new note where you may have more sub-projects that you may click to jump to. So far this is similar in ease to your version. How about going back? Use the back arrow button which you've added to your toolbar. This is the one place where your system might have an advantage because in your system if you arr close to the top of a section, you could just close the whole section in one click. On the other hand if you have scrolled down quite a bit the Evernote system will get you back quicker since you don't have to scroll back to the top. And the Evernote system has an advantage of opening each project away from other projects which might help with focus and possibly confidentiality.
  22. Notelinks are the way to go to replicate this sort of organization. Yes, in Evernote that will mean separate notes, but the effect will be the same.
  23. Can you talk about how well this software handles a variety of formats: especially Changes like multi-column pages.
  24. Also, scanning even if super fast is tedious work. So I would go through the cookbooks and flag the recipes I actually use and only scan those.
  25. If you want to switch over completely you might consider exporting your pages, sections, or notebooks in One Note. If you put all the documents in one folder, you could then use Evernote's import folders to Import them into Evernote.
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