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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll give both a go and see how I get on!
  2. Hi all I'm just getting to grips with Evernote and am loving it so far - the ability to collate all the pictures I love from the web and on the go is beyond invaluable. I originally decided to try it as I'd read reviews that people had used it to assist them in creating moodboards, and I can see why. My question now is, is there any way I can access my notes directly from a piece of software in order to make a collage of ideas? Currently I'm using Photoshop, but its frustrating to go into Evernote and click, drag and drop over and over again! Is there any kind of ability to tie directly into Evernote (a little like dropbox) and pull the images I want. Or perhaps a specific software package that can do the trick? Many thanks!
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