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  1. jbenson2, it would be fantastic if senior citizens would be granted something similar to amazon prime for students- unfortunately it isn't practical. With soaring student debt loans, and the fact that (we are the future, ect...) offering a discount to students who would flock from microsoft stock services or alternatives might not be a bad idea. I'm sure your memories are priceless, so store them with your retirement funds/social security my generation won't have access to.
  2. Hello, I love evernote, but an inconvenience has cropped up that (I'm sure) plagues many users. I've been using evernote as my primary note source, then onenote, then catch . The problem is I'm a college student and can't afford to be a premium member and exceed the 50mb size limit. I propose a method similar to Amazon prime, allowing students at universities to get a free year or so of added premium space- they can then continue to use premium space at a discounted price (as long as they're a student) then pay the full fee or simply revert back to the 50mb limit. With countless pdfs, powerpoints, pictures [anatomy, diagrams, charts, ect...) the small limit simply doesn't cut it. When I went on a study abroad trip in Europe, I pondered how wonderful it would be to log onto a tablet, or go to the library and have all my data ready to go. This would certainly attract many students to evernote. Please take this into consideration.
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