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  1. I have the same complaint, I did notice that if I use the back button multiple times to exit evernote, then the next time I used a saved search link it tends to work correctly.
  2. I just updated to (233406) Prerelease. The issue I mentioned before is not fixed. I can reproduce the error in many ways involving copy and paste. Here are the steps for one of those ways. Create a new note. Start a new bullet list. Type 'This is a test' Copy the text 'This is a test' Create a new bullet by pressing enter at the end of the previous bullet. Paste Create a new bullet by pressing enter again. You now have a new line without a bullet in front of it, but indented like it should have a bullet. It appears that if you copy any text from Evernote and paste it into a bullet list, then when you return that line, it will not create a new bullet. Here is an example. In this example I created a new list, pasted the text from earlier in the note, and hit enter after I paste.
  3. Steps to Redroduce Create a new note Move the cursor to the body of the note Click the Bullet List button Type the words without qoutes: "Type things" Highlight the words "Type things" Copy Click at the end of the bullet line Hit return creating a 2nd bullet Paste Hit return again At this point you should have 2 bullet points with the words "Type things" on both lines. Also the cursor will be on a third line but there will be no bullet point.
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