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  1. I think if Springpad allows users to change their colors of their notebooks, I would think Evernote could allow this as well. Not particularly fond of the brown notebooks in EN5..... Also would like the ability to add icons to the covers!
  2. AfterIndent.tiffbeforeIndent.tiff I attached two small photos of my indention problem. Not sure if this is a bug but the indention for check lists shift the items to the next line. Not sure if this a bug or if its simply not possible to indent check list items. Thanks and LOVING the EN5!! It's awesome! So much easier to navigate and use. Kurt
  3. This is really needed for a note-taking app that Evernote is! Would like to create sub-heads to break up the notes and collapse. Really needed on the iPad app!
  4. I think this idea is needed especially on the iPad, real estate is very valuable and scrolling takes too long. If they can providing collapsing notes that would be great!
  5. Howdy, Was wondering if we could get the ability to sort lists - alphabetize them. Also would be great if lists could collapse - that would really help keep my notes clean looking and organized - the ability to categorize my lists.
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