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  1. Thanks for replies...Can you guys recommend any other notetaking app that could encrypt notes too?
  2. IDK if they will eventually add it or not. Either way, I don't know why it's "too bad". You have a free option. I store all my bank accounts data, my IDs etc...and also use evernote to write a personal diary...which contains all my thoughts..opinion about persons etc..which I dont want anyone other to see. Thats y I consider it bad...At least they shud leave an option to disallow offline login.
  3. Thats just too bad...Tey shud introduce password to open app.
  4. When I logout from my evernote on windows client... If my pc is offline and anyone write my username and some random password and try to logon, Evernote says it cannot cannot contact server but still opens all my notes!!!! They dont sync but the are simply visible to anyone who doesnt even know my password... How can I stop this behaviour of evernote??
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