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  1. I had already upgraded to Sierra. Almost exclusively I use the Scan to Evernote function. I do not use B/W or A3. Recently - I can scan but then receive this error. After okaying it I receive a second notice indicated the image was left in my Photos/Evernote folder (and I confirmed that it is) and asks if I would like to delete the items in that folder. I 'no' that. Implication is that it will delete everything in that folder. The scanned item does not show up in Evernote.
  2. done. what can be done to push for response from EN?
  3. went down a couple of weeks ago. I've removed and re-added the extension several times to no effect.
  4. I created a note using the iOS app on iPad and added an audio note. I've now gone back in to add another and a picture and both icons are gone. They are present for new notes, just not existing.
  5. thank you Gaz. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Much appreciated.
  6. I have Evernote desktop as well and a premium account. I have desktop EN. I would hope it would sync and store there and not use large blocks of space on mobile.
  7. same question. I'm finding more and more business cards are two sided. Logo or name and logo on one side, contact details on the other. I am not interested saving as two distinct cards.
  8. Randomizer

    Blank cards

    this remains a problem. Shouldn't be happening at all. And it's not a one off. From what I can see it is happening to quite a few people. It has happened to me about a half dozen times so far. Restart fixes it - but I shouldn't have to be restarting.
  9. I am trying to give Evernote Food a try but I can't seem to clip recipes from Yummly. Even when I clip the entire page I get only the banner from it, not the page.
  10. Oh - I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. No help.
  11. Web Clipper for Safari just stopped working for me. Argghhh! This is frustrating. I have 7 tabs open and it will not work for any of them. The only one it would work for is this one - the evernote forum thread which I am on now. The site where it started is http://www.food.com/recipe/sweet-glazed-cherry-pie-241779
  12. I get the same thing - all the time. Each time it is after the actual Evernote application (on my iMac) requests my password again. This (the Evernote request) is occurring far too often of late.
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