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  1. I had already upgraded to Sierra. Almost exclusively I use the Scan to Evernote function. I do not use B/W or A3. Recently - I can scan but then receive this error. After okaying it I receive a second notice indicated the image was left in my Photos/Evernote folder (and I confirmed that it is) and asks if I would like to delete the items in that folder. I 'no' that. Implication is that it will delete everything in that folder. The scanned item does not show up in Evernote.
  2. Oh - I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. No help.
  3. Web Clipper for Safari just stopped working for me. Argghhh! This is frustrating. I have 7 tabs open and it will not work for any of them. The only one it would work for is this one - the evernote forum thread which I am on now. The site where it started is http://www.food.com/recipe/sweet-glazed-cherry-pie-241779
  4. Just had the same problem. Renewed to premium yesterday and was still free today. I removed my Mac version and then reinstalled and it was then recognized. In between I did install directly from Evernote but when I launched it was trying to copy notes over from the app store version, which I didn't like and was taking forever, so I force quit uninstalled and then reinstalled app store version and - voila - I was premium. Shouldn't have to have done this and I really wish Evernote would address this issue. I see this dating back years. In any case - I am at premium again.
  5. I agree with others. Sorting would be something I would like to see. A checklist for example. Used Evernote to list music I might be interested in someday. List becomes pretty large ... an alpha sequence would be very helpful.
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