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  1. Why do I need this? Because I use Evernote as a notebook for all my Master's and soon to be Doctoral level research. If I get a screen grab of text, and I need to use it elsewhere, I want to be able to extract the text. What I do now, is use OneNote to extract the text, then I paste the text into Evernote. Essentially, I've got to use your competitor's product daily, just to get my work done. More than once, It's made me want to switch to OneNote. And I would too, if I could find a way to convert my notes over, without losing most of the formatting. There are some free tools which do an 'okay' job... Still, I'd loose too much if I switched now. So, if there's truly "no way to tell" how come Microsoft does it so well? i don't accept that answer. Anyway, this is the last feature I need - to be able to uninstall OneNote from my machine. Funny, I was having this issue again today, and I searched thinking, "there's got to be a way to do this." And I came across my post here, from last fall.
  2. As I just posted in another thread, Evernote really needs to give us the ability to extract text from images...This is the reason I still keep OneNote around.
  3. Evernote really needs to address this. I have had to install OneNote on my computer in order to get the text extracting utilities. I paste images in OneNote, then I get the text and paste it into Evernote... I'm almost inclined to just import everything BACK into OneNote -- I converted to Evernote Premium over a year ago, but now, I'm wondering if I don't need to go back to be able to get the functionality all in one app??? Anyway...
  4. I was about to uninstall evernote until I found this post!!! My evernote was UNUSABLE it was so slow. Why wouldn't Evernote just update the databases as a part of the upgrade process??? Amazing. Thanks for the info.
  5. So... Evernote is releasing a version of Evernote JUST for people living in totalitarian states? Egypt? China? What, does this one phone your notes home to the police? Not happy with the seeming implications of this...
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