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  1. Thanks Phil. I will try that workaround next time I am on a desktop computer. For some reason the web interface is broken when accessing it with Safari on the iPad. I can use it to create new notebooks, but it always shows me the contents of the first note, no matter where I tap, and I can't change notebooks.
  2. Thank you, BurgersNFries! That was definitely not where I would have expected to find the function, but it does work. Now, if that Wdit Note feature would let me edit the date created field as well, I could make my old notes and journal entries have the right date!
  3. Yes please. Right now, I have Bamboo Paper for ink notes and sketches, Noterize for annotating PDFs, and Evernote for everything else. I really want something that will also do handwriting recognition at least to make my ink notes searchable, but haven't found an answer yet. 7notes might be the solution. I wish Evernote did everything!
  4. I have looked everywhere and can not fin an answer anywhere to what seems like an obvious question. I am trying to get started with Evernote. I just moved all of my iPad notes into Evernote. After doing so, I discovered that Evernote has notebooks for organizing things. I logged into the Web interface and created a couple of new notebooks (very odd that you cannot do this from the iPad app!). Now, I am trying to figure out how to move my existing notes into those notebooks. I have tried tapping, dragging, everything, with no success. It I select a note and tap Details, I can see what notebook it is in, but can't change it in any way. What am I missing? Is it as simple as "Feature not implemented yet" or OS there some non-obvious way to move a note to a different notebook?
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