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  1. I am an early adopter of Evernote and have been a premium customer for years. I use Evernote on Mac and until the workchat got foisted on me, I never had a problem sharing a note book or keeping one in sync with someone else until workshcat. When I share a note or a friend shares a note with me, I have no way of putting this note into my Evernote library - it is stuck in workchat purgatory and I cannot seem to rescue it. I cannot open or import the note into my evernote library and cannot even add it to a note book ?? I never used or wanted chat and it has made Evernote completely unusable for me as the only reason i use it is to share and store notes. . I searched through the docs and the video and the issue seems unaddressed so perhaps I am doing something wrong or missing something obvious. Any help would be great ..
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