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  1. Hi Adriaan, agreed. For this reason I use the handwriting only on my Note II - that works well - and not on my tablet - this is a mess. Kind regards, Olli
  2. Hi, is there a way to export all tags to a txt-file (or into a EN-Note)? Kind regards Olli
  3. Hi StephenG, without Evernote on your Android there is no Evenote Database to communicate. 1. Step: The SNote Application saves the content to your local Android Evernote Database 2. Step This information will be synced through Evernote. But as far as I know - is EN not preinstalled on your Galaxy Note 3 (see in the rubric "Samsung Apps" in the App-Section). Kind regards, Olli
  4. I had a similar problem on my Samsung Tablet. Evernote came preinstalled on this Tablet, and I found it in a folder called Samsung in the App-Section. Kind regards, Olli
  5. Hi, Elchimor, I have the same problem and the only solution is to scan the pages from last page to first page. Sometimes that helps. Kind regards, Olli
  6. Hi Troy, thank you for this dense description. That's very usefull for everyone who want's to start with EN - not only for students :-) Kind regards, Olli
  7. Hello James, look for the "Samsung Apps" on your phone, start the App and look for "S Note". Kind regards, Olli
  8. Correction: The name of the App is "S Note", not "Note S" - Sorry! :-) Hello, this might be interesting for all Note II-Users: I possess a Galaxy Note II and a Galaxy 10.1 2014 edition. The devices had different Apps, both named "Note S" ("Note S" is an App to create Notes with the S-Pen). So Notes created with the Galaxy 10.1 could'nt be read with the Note II. Notes created with the Note II could'nt be transferred to evernote. Until now. Today Samsung offered an update for the Galaxy Note II. The new App "Note S" interacts seamlessly with Evernote. I created some Notebooks within the Note II and opened the Notebooks with my 10.1 and vice versa. No problems. This is a very good improvement to me, because I like the user-experience of the "Note S-App" and it's interaction with Evernote. Kind regards Olli
  9. Hi, my solution works only for small notes: I have two notebooks: one contains only the original files. I'm very careful with them. These notes get exported and saved away from EN. In EN i have a copy for daily usage. From time to time I delete the copies and replace them with my originals. Sounds complicated, but works for me. The second way could be realized with a second EN Account (I admit, I have one for work and one for private Issues) Create a Notebook and invite your other account for reading only. So content can only be added through one account. Kind regards Olli
  10. Hi, a very good introduction of using Tags is here (even if the last update was some months ago): http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ It integrates the David Allen "Getting things done"-System with Evernote and has some useful tipps. Kind regards Olli
  11. Hi gazumped, thank you so much! It works! I've tried to configure it with the three dots on the top right of the screen - that was wrong... To complete the Tipp for other users: The click on the Evernote-Icon on the top left of the screen only works, when the Notes are in full view (that means without the list "Notebooks", "Tags", "Skitch-Notes" etc.) Kind regards, Olli
  12. Hi, I'm sorry, if this is a double post, but I could'nt find a solution for this problem (only a lot of discussions about this topic...). On my Note II i have a Listview for my notes but on my Tablet (Android) i could not find the options to show my notes in Lists instead of these dreadful tiles. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance, Olli
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