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  1. Angelo, Thanks for taking the time to post your Evernote organizational "schema" process - this marks my first official post to the Evernote forums - and the thought processes you describe mirror similar "streamlining" ideas of my own. Of course, being a routinely overwhelmed 4th grade general education teacher in a suburban public school keeps me on the verge of "total system failure" as far as managing my never-ending load of work-related data is concerned. The national trend towards classroom teachers spending inordinate amounts of time in data-mining is a big part of my more recent migration to paradigms such as Evernote, dropbox, Googledocs and Googleapps. I've also tried a variety of hardware platforms to better meet my needs; my wife (also a teacher) and I have to integrate working with Dell laptops issued from our school district. We both use Mac machines at home and on the go, she uses an iteration of iPad and I use a MacBook - and we share a Mac desktop machine. Also, I recently decided to add a Nook tablet to the mix. Evernote friends - thanks for providing good ideas - as I try to find that "perfect balance" of time spent working versus time spent organizing and data mining! Adam
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