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  1. It would be greatly appreciated if Evernote had the capability to go into a "code view" for your notes if you so choose. The basic WYSIWYG editor is great for most cases, however I find myself wanting to do some formatting from time to time, or edit a document I did a clip of, that Evernote simply can't do without me marking up an html webpage instead, and then use the clipping tool again, and even doing some of the more simple things such as having lists inside other lists isn't possible on the mobile version of Evernote unless there's something I'm missing. The ability to optionally view and alter the actual markup of a note to edit it I feel would be a great asset for those of us who desire that little bit of finer control. This is one of the main drawbacks that is currently stopping me from using the Wiki System I currently use in it's place..
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