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  1. Ok so I love the new web clipper and being able to use the plus and minus to expand the selection but I would really love to be able to drag that out myself. Like for instance I clip a ton of recipes and there are alot of times where it clips parts of it that I do not want in it, like comments. I know I can use the simplified article selection but I also like to have the picture and that does not always include it. Thanks for a super awesome great product!
  2. I am loving Evernote 5! I do one request though, when displaying the notes as cards I would like to be able to change the size of the cards to make them smaller, I liked it when there were like 4 in row and now it is only showing one. I do know that I can drag out that window and make the window that shows the card smaller so that I can have more cards per row but I just want to make the cards smaller please. Thanks so much for an awesome program and all your hard work to make it even better!! Jenny
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