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  1. To make such a window sticky on Windows could be done with AutoHotkey (or AutoIt) easily. Don't know if the simplification of the window is possible. But I guess it would be easier to use a different app that has a permanent-in-foreground edit field and at the end of the day copy the data into EN. Actually this could all be coded with AutoHotkey as well. Even the automatic creation of the note at the end of the day. ... Maybe I should start coding again... ?
  2. When I want to listen to an audio recording in a note I can listen to it in the view mode. There I can change the position inside the audio with a slider and pause the playback. But in the edit view with a push an option window pops up if the recording should be removed or opened. When opened is selected the media player gets started in a new window. This doesn't allow to transcribe the recording. When I go back to EN the audio is still played, but I can not change the position or pause easily. My suggestion is to use the same representation as in the 'view' view (playback bar with slider), so that position and pause are easily possible. And with a longer push on the bar give the option to remove the recording (or instead have a delete cross on the right side of the bar).
  3. While driving I recorded 2 or 3 audio notes into a single EN note. I played them on my Android device and Windows PC. Later I transscribted them and deleted the audio recordings from the note. On windows all is fine. On Android the note itself is fine too, meaning: when the note is shown or in edit mode, no visual trace of audio recording. But in the list of all notes this specific note shows an icon on the right side that represents a speaker. It doesn't effect the functionality of EN, but is a visual bug. PS: Since I can't take screenshots I couldn't attach a picture, sorry. Edit 2/5: On windows the note shows up when I use "Files" button in the favorites bar. Even though there is nothing visible in the note itself. I guess it still has some flag that didn't got removed when I deleted the audio recordings.
  4. Install the widget on your homescreen. It has a 'new note' button. It will atleast save one click and some time. The best is that the 'big' widget allows to go through your notes on the homescreen. It also allows to start audio and photo note from the homescreen.
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