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  1. I noticed that when I tried to save a url via my iPhone, that in Evernote it saves it as a .webloc file. I don't exclusively use Safari, Mac and iOS. Is their a better way to ensure that my links are saved as a url instead of being confined to an Apple only format? The link was added to Evernote by using the share icon (the square) in Safari and then selecting Evernote. Apparently that only saves the page in Evernote as a webloc. Do I have to email pages in iOS Safari to my evernote account's email to avoid using webloc?
  2. You can't change shared notebooks from "View Only" to "Modify" without re-sharing them? That makes absolutely no sense! Do you realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to resend a bunch of emails and have the other user go through all of those emails and add the notebooks all over again? The software does so many other more complicated things than this, can't you simply change flags for both accounts?
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