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  1. Hi all To give you a it of background, I am a content developer for a support site. I create articles and do a bit of design work for the site. I have read the GTD book. I began my GTD system last night, but I am having some issues fitting things in. I have the usual !!Today and !Next. Everything actionable goes in !Next, and in the mornings I bring a few of the tasks into !!Today, and work from there. I have a !Tickler with the subject a date, that allow me to sort via time to action. That is all well and good, but I am having some trouble deciding how to go about managing my projects. The way I am working at the moment is I am going to create a few websites from scratch, and remark on my experiences doing so, techniques picked up etc. as I go. What would you suggest as a good way of organising this? Throughout the day I generally screen capture something that interests me (Such an interesting use of a gradient or colour combination - or maybe a stand out tutorial for a certain technique). Should I include all this information in a separate workbook dedicated to "Web Design Reference", and have sub tags for "Tutorials", "Blog Posts", "Interesting Techniques". Or should I keep to the one notebook and just have a parent tag "Web Design Reference" with child tags for the below categories? Or should I just have 1 Web Design Reference tag and shove everything in these, and rely on keyword searches to find what I need? Thanks!
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