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  1. If you are interested in integrating your various productivity strands (email, calendars, contacts, Evernote) with a task management app you may want to check out my review of IQTELL. It's a browser-based app that is still in beta. It can import all of your Evernote notebooks and tags (as well as all your calendars, contacts and email accounts) and lets you link notes to actions and projects. Notes can be edited in either Evernote or IQTELL - the app supports two-way synchronisation (as does Zendone). You can also add a reminder to your notes. I have been using IQTELL as a beta tester for a month now and I'm finding it pretty impressive. Check out my review at http://purplezengoat.com/2012/07/14/iqtells-virtual-workspace-productivity-heaven/
  2. Zendone is, in my view, the only task management app that has truly 'nailed' integration with Evernote. Everything you create in EN pops up in the Zendone inbox, where you can review, classify and process all your 'stuff' in true GTD fashion. Non-action items are sent to the relevant EN folder; you can also specify in which EN folder notes should be archived once the task is complete. Describing this process makes it sound more complex than it is - the workflow is thought through very nicely. Notes attached to a task can be edited in either EN or Zendone and are synched quickly and reliably across the two apps. For more detail about how Zendone provides a multiplier effect to Evernote, read my recent post at http://purplezengoat.com/2012/06/18/setting-up-a-gtd-workflow-evernote-or-zendone/ My blog also has a more detailed review of Zendone and a comparison of what 'Evernote integration' means for other apps (including Omnifocus, Things and Nozbe). As Calipidder pointed out above, Zendone also provides great integration with GCal. I find it stimulating to have easy access to the contents of my notes within the one app. Zendone is still in beta but mobile apps (for iPhone and iPad) are being developed. As an interim solution you can run the browser version on Safari on your iPad. Watch this app - it will be a game changer! Cheers ozengo
  3. Hello all Just wanted to let you know that Zendone is now working on an iPad version. They have also patched the browser version so that it now runs on Safari on iPad - a bit haltingly at times, but it provides an interim solution that certainly makes the app more mobile. My view is that Zendone currently provides the best integration with Evernote, followed by Nozbe. Other apps (Omnifocus, Things, GQueues) merely let you paste a link in the notes field. I have recently written a post about how Zendone complements EN - see http://purplezengoat...ote-or-zendone/ That post also contains a link to 'The Secret Weapon' videos, which explain how EN can be customised as a task manager. Additional resources on that topic can be found on Daniel Gold's DEG Consulting website. Cheers ozengo
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