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  1. I've effectively given up trying to format plain text in Evernote*. I was spending hours just trying to get bulleted lists to function correctly, let alone hitting a return and having it bounce to the bottom of the note. Rather than endure this constant frustration, I typically end up copying/pasting what I want to clip into a new Word file, formatting there, then copying/pasting back into EN. Stupid method, but it works. *Running EN 2.2.3 on Mac Pro running OS 10.5.8; EN 3.1.0 on iMac running OS 10.6; various EN plug-ins for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on various Mac hardware; and EN app on iPhone 4GS.
  2. Example: I want Billpay receipt for SJSU housing to be in "SJSU" stack "housing" notebook, and also in "financial" stack "529 account" notebook, since it applies to both. But how to do this without the note appearing twice...
  3. Nice to be able to stack notes, but I'd like to stack more than one level; e.g., SJSU/CHEM101/chem_essay_input_files
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