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  1. HI guys, appreciate the suggestion for 'workarounds' to the current non-intuitive system (e.g. using contacts, etc). I just wold have thought that if Evernote was wishing to produce an intuitive product for new users, removing the 'friction' or 'barriers' to productivity would be a good thing. Then the 'workarounds' wouldn't be needed.
  2. You're right - not much. It's a cosmetic benefit. You just don't have to remember your cryptic email address that Evernote provides you. All you have to do is remember add@evernote.com My main suggestion is Scheduling Reminders. I know that you can schedule reminders by Evernote on email, but again it's cryptic and not intuitive. So, you could either just send a simple email to: 1week@evernote.com Or, you could: * 'remember' your cryptic email address: username.123456@m.evernote.com * edit your subject line and add a date in a weeks time !2013/06/24 (you then have to try and remember if you should be using USA or UK date format). I know sending an email to: 1week@evernote.com would be much more intuitive and people would use scheduling/reminders much more (in my opinion).
  3. Here are a couple of related suggestions. Adding Content via Email Can we change the way we add/email content to Evernote? Instead of providing a personal email address (e.g. username.123456@m.evernote.com), just simply let people use add@evernote.com (or something like that). People can register their email addresses to their account (so you will know which content applies to what account). Scheduling Reminders Can we borrow the similar functionality from followupthen.com to schedule reminders (and add content in Evernote). So, if we wanted to add content via email and also be reminded of this content in a weeks time, we would send an email to: 1week@evernote.com. The user would then get an email reminder in 1 week with a link to the note that have saved into Evernote (submitted on their original email). You can see all the time variations that FollowUpThen support here. (Evernote could borrow and support this same format). If this functionality was available to easily and and set reminders from email, I know that I would interact and use Evernote much more (and it would be a much better productivity tool for me). You can also integrate these reminders with your calendar (as FUT also provide). I know you can currently add content via email and schedule reminders (but it is not at all intuitive). I think this would be a great productivity boost for a great many people (and I could stop paying for two services).
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