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  1. Thanks. That's kind of what I thought but getting help from them has been futile so far. Hopefully someone someday comes across this thread who had this problem as well.
  2. I'm having a weird issue which I took two weeks to identify. Each time I tried to export a whole Livescribe notebook (because I didn't use Evernote until now) to Evernote, it didn't work. I just suddenly realized the History tab in Connect, and saw that the reason the Pencasts would not export to Evernote is because they're far too big. Now my issue - over the past two weeks I tried a couple times, casually while doing other tasks and not paying attention, to export this notebook to Evernote, each time failing. Each time an export starts, I see my available disk space quickly ticking down - in terms of I have eaten up probably at least 15 gigs doing this. I have a lot of recordings on each of the 70+ pages I was trying to export. These failed Pencast exports are somehow somewhere remaining on my computer, and I can't despite browsing logs and digging, I can't figure out where they are stored. So now I have a lot of disk space tied up because of this and I don't know where to look to find the Pencasts that are somehow in limbo after Livescribe exported them and they failed at getting into Evernote. Help please someone! I'm not sure if they are saved somewhere on the Livescribe side or somewhere locally on my hard drive (because they wouldn't have made it into a notebook to sync) in Evernote.
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