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  1. I simply *cannot* believe there is no Undo feature in Evernote iOS?! I had a very important note that I was editing on my iPhone and an accidental 'pocket edit' (I must have touched/swiped the screen accidentally) has deleted all the important info in the note. Surely a simple Undo Edit feature could (and should) be added. I had no idea about the "shake to undo" feature, and it's too late now. (Though I sure feel like shaking my phone now—or more specifically, the Evernote app! :) )
  2. Hi guys. Is there a way to specify which Notebook a note or audio note created on the Apple Watch will go into? It seems that the recordings go into the default notebook? Ideally, I'l like to select another Notebook because I have a Notebook I have shared with my Executive Assistant that I use to delegate tasks to her; but I also have my main Personal Notebook where I capture ideas and notes for myself. It currently seems that if I want the ability to create notes/audio notes and have them go into the shared folder with my EA, I'll have to make that folder my default Notebook? Is that correct?
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