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  1. Have you been able to print titles from the Evernote application on your Mac, or just from Evernote Web via Safari (or whatever browser you use)? I've found that note titles do print from Evernote Web, though not when I try and print a note from Evernote on my Mac. This is STILL a problem - almost 5 years after this thread started! Please note, Evernote!
  2. I agree with rtablada and davidanasco. Evernote for Mac desperately needs tabs that can be set to the same position on each line of text, so that information lines up in a tabular form. Come on Evernote.....please make a great product even greater!
  3. Hi dlu, I too am grateful to have Evernote.....but does your comment "Noted" (above) mean that the ability (optional?) to print note titles on a Mac is now in an Evernote "To Do" list? Thanks.
  4. I've just uncovered this thread searching for a way to print note titles on my Mac. (Is this something that PC users can do???) So add me to the petition to have the option to print titles (and the other functional features made in the posts above). It's (only!) been a little over two years since this was first raised as a need, so come on Evernote, please get with the program!!!
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