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  1. Hi all! I had the same situation. It was not possible to uninstall Evernote from my PC. I created another user, and installed the new version in that account. It worked fine. The problem was the next update. It was not possible to install it in the new user, and of course it was not possible to uninstall the version from my PC again. My new solution was radical. I forget the uninstall procedure. I deleted all the files, and after that I used Regedit to find every reference to Evernote. I removed one by one, looking to eliminate all of them. I found the reference to the version 5.2 in my registry. Evernote was saying that this version was blocking the installation of the new one. But my version that time was 5.3. I did not understand how it was refering a 5.2 version. After remove all the references to Evernote from registry, I installed the 5.4 version with no problems. I don't know exactly what's happening. It looks the uninstall procedure is not really uninstalling all the stuff of Evernote. Hope it helps!
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