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  1. Hey folks -- just posted this info in the 7.6.2 update thread as well: First, please make sure that you're running the latest version of the app from the store -- 7.6.3. You'll find this under Settings and scrolling to the bottom. For those of you still experiencing app hang issues in the latest version, there are two potential work arounds that may help: 1) Disable recently viewed notes in the Today widget. To try this, go to Settings > General, and change the "Recent Notes in Today" toggle to the off position. 2) If you are stuck in a hang loop, try a reboot of the device. These are only temporary workarounds -- we are actively investigating these issues and looking to release a fix in our next update. Please let us know if these help resolve your issues in the meantime. If you're running into this and do not have the Today Widget on, PM me here as I'd like to request your activity logs. Thank you for your patience. -jamie
  2. Hi folks! We are actively investigating reports of crashes and hangs for our upcoming release. For those of you still experiencing app hang issues in 7.6.3, there are two potential work arounds that may help: 1) Disable recently viewed notes in the Today widget. To try this, go to Settings > General, and change the "Recent Notes in Today" toggle to the off position. 2) If you are stuck in a hang loop, try a reboot of the device. These are only temporary workarounds -- a fix is coming in our next update. Please let us know if these help resolve your issues in the meantime. As always, thank you for your patience. -jamie
  3. Sorry about that! Saving a new search support was not in for this week -- I jumped the gun there. Will be out soon though.
  4. Hi folks, Here's a quick rundown of features that were added to the web beta in last night's release. Reminder lists are visible in note listsReminders can be viewed and marked doneChanging reminder dates is not yet supportedDrag and drop to reorder is not yet supportedAdding / removing reminders on a note is not yet supportedShare via email is now available in the share menuSearch result highlighting now works as expected within a noteSaved searches are now accessible in the search screenDrag and drop of attachments onto a note is now supportedBug fixessort order for notes should now be preservedfocused writing mode is now available from search results We'll continue to add new functionality and fix your reported bugs each week, so check back in this forum regularly for updates. -jamie
  5. This should be resolved as of last night's release. Public notebooks will (for now) open in the old client.
  6. jhull

    Web Beta

    Sorry to hear that you're having issues searching. Can you give a bit more information on what you're trying to do? If you navigate to a notebook and then click search, you'll be searching within that notebook. You can also click the 'searching in' drop down and see a list of recently used notebooks to search in. All of our normal search functions should be supported, so you can also specify tags / notebooks in the search box typing in 'tag:' or 'notebook:' plus the name you're looking for.
  7. Hi folks! Thanks to everyone who has been helping us test the web beta thus far; your feedback is much appreciated. We'll be continuing to update the web client with new features and fixes, so check the forum here to see what has been changed. This week's update is primarily a bug fix release, so there aren't many visible changes. Release Notes Public notebooks will now properly open in the old web clientEditing shared notebooks should work as expected in the old web clientVarious visual and stability bug fixesAs many of our support staff have already noted on individual threads, we are working hard to reintroduce features that didn't make our first version of the new web client. These include, but are not limited to: Table support in the note editorDrag and drop files into notesSearch highlightingSaved search supportShare a note via emailFiltering of notebooks and tags drawersAccess to note historyText encryption / decryption supportReordering shortcutsPlease check back weekly for updates on what has been added or updated, and definitely keep the feedback coming!
  8. Hi folks! Apologies for the inconvenience this issue is causing any of you. We believe we that we have isolated the cause and are looking to get a bug fix version out ASAP. In the meantime, as @phongsta mentioned, anyone with crashing issues on launch in 7.2 can try the following workaround. - Open Settings for your Phone - Navigate to Privacy - Tap Contacts - Look for Evernote and flip the switch to OFF - Restart the Evernote app (it is possible that you will need to reinstall) If this workaround still does not resolve your issue, please get in touch with our support team (see my signature). Thanks for your patience!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I agree that we need to improve the usability of checkboxes in the note editor; we'll look into increasing size or other changes for an upcoming release.
  10. You can turn off automatic note titles in Settings. Tap your name/email address on the home screen, scroll to Note Editor and then toggle off "Suggested Note Titles". You can also tap into the title field of any note and see additional title suggestions. We weight calendar events and precise location most heavily, but offer other suggestions as well.
  11. Hi @Smitter. Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the app. We did not intentionally implement anything to hide notes before a certain date. If you are unable to see all of your notes for some reason, please get in touch with our tech support team. They will get you sorted out.
  12. You are right it works but I find it extremely difficult to hit the arrow. I sometimes need 5-10 times until the note opens. The complete text area should be sensitive. Thanks for the report. We'll look into this.
  13. As always, thanks to everyone for all of your feedback. While we do not respond to every thread posted, different members of the Evernote team are always reading the forums. Your posts thus far have contributed to each update we've put out and will continue to be taken into account in future versions. Many of the changes in our recent update are a direct results of posts here. Besides the home screen customization, we made several small usability updates based on your feedback in 7.1. Premium users now have the ability to toggle off the premium background, contrast on the home screen has been increased (especially in the Premium version), and the top navigation bar hides when editing notes in landscape orientation on the iPhone to allow more viewable area. I can confirm that several top issues reported via the forums should also now be addressed. Here's a small portion of the bug fix list: - Issues with tag searches should now be resolved - Search results should no longer include duplicate notes - The camera roll photo picker should no longer have October incorrectly placed in the sort list - Saved searches can now be added and removed - Conflicting modifications should now append previous version's content as expected - Fixed an issue where opening a note would sometimes appear to display the previous version All that said, there's certainly more to do. Major UI overhauls are always disruptive, and minimizing that impact on you folks is a top priority. While we're happy with the direction of the app, we know that this version doesn't have everything it needs yet. I can't tell you everything we're working on or give you an exact timeline, but I can confirm that search and sync buttons will be accessible from the home screen soon -- and that related notes will be coming back. Customizable snippets and fast scroll bars will both be coming back to the iPad version as well. ----- For those of you with issues synching or crashing, please get in touch with our support team if you haven't already. We are making bug fixes every update that gets put out, but that doesn't always mean that your specific issue will get resolved. Our support folks are sending any new problems to the dev team each day, and will work with you to get the logs and other information that devs might need to get things fixed. They also will have any known workarounds.
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Search is one of the most important functions in Evernote, and we're always looking for ways to make it better on mobile. We are planning to add the ability to search from the home screen in an upcoming release.
  15. For folks who are running into this problem, can you please post back: - Version of Evernote you are running (Tap your name/username and scroll to the bottom of settings) - Version of iOS you have installed (device Settings -> General -> About -> version) - What device are you using?
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