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  1. Hi Phil. It is confusing from a customer's point of view, and it would be nice if something could be done about this. Perhaps, if they could recognize that the notes came from the same account, that would be the best solution, because it does make more sense that way.As for the time limit thing, I very much agree. I have run into the exact same problem. If I am going to run out of space, it is inevitably at the end of a cycle, and I am less inclined to purchase a full gigabyte of extra space for the last few hours or days. It seems to me that it wouldn't be a bad idea for "one year" of premium to be 12 GB of upload allowance that you can use whenever you want -- all in one day, or spread out over the year. I don't mind paying for extra its just this whole end of month issue that is giving me issues. I would just like to see the ability to buy reserve space that doesn't expire monthly. If that was available then I would buy a few extra gig to just sit on my account if needed. The other issue is the shared notebook movement data charge. If there was a way for my wife and I to both own the same notebook and not be charged for moving them around that would be great and solve the issues we have been having. My wife isn't a super technical person so I am never gonna be able to explain to her why she needs to be careful about moving between certain notebooks. Thanks for the heads up on calling support I may give that a try if I can find some time before it rolls over...
  2. Chris, One of the main allowance issues that seems wrong to me was the fact that when my wife moved a note from a shared notebook I own to a different shared notebook I own it still charged against my allotment almost like a double bill.
  3. Thanks guys and I am looking forward to browsing the forums more often now that I have posted. Evernote has been a great additional to several other productivity apps I use on a daily basis. While I may be a little annoyed below, that still doesn't change the fact that I will keep using evernote, it is a great product. Now I understand - I was slightly surprised I hit 2 gigs in uploads and couldn't figure out. So when my wife moved notes from one of my shared notebooks to another one of my shared notebooks, Evernote "billed" my upload allowance, I am not sure from a customer standpoint I agree, but at least it makes sense. Did evernote plan to charge users against their uploads in this instance? This doesn't seem right and annoys me like all those 5-10 dollar bank charges that "nickel and dime" the customer. I already uploaded the docs once so it seems wrong I was "charged" again. Just a sidenote: I may just be annoyed by this because it is april 15th and I am completely feeling screwed by a certain government entity... Just a thought - I know at one point there was a group version but I never used it. I know after going through this experience over the weekend I would like to see an added feature that would allow my wife and me to both own a few shared notebooks together. That way we could move between our joint notebooks without hitting the upload limit. I have never hit the limit until this month when we both started using evernote and that was even after i upgraded her to premium and added an additional gig to my account. Also another suggestion would be to not put a time limit on the upload upgrades purchased. I purchased an extra gig this weekend but noticed it expires at the end of my billing cycle which was today. I did use the gig but If there was not a limit on the extra upload allowance I would have already bought more over the weekend. I know the business plan would solve this problem for us but I think it is overkill for us.
  4. I shared out several notebooks to my wife this weekend. She is a teacher so she has been moving all her school docs over to evernote. I helped her upload a usb stick and just threw it all in one notebook. She went through and was moving those docs to other shared notebooks. It ended up maxing out another gig on my account. If she is moving docs from one of my shared notebooks to another one of my shared notebooks does that count against my data allotment? I went ahead and upgraded her to premium this weekend thinking we would be fine. But it now seems that moving docs between our shared notebooks counts against each others allotment. Could someone explain how the upload allotment is measured? I was under the impression that once the doc is uploaded to evernote it wouldn't matter if a user changed the notebook. Thanks
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