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  1. I will move to linux platform, except the web version!
  2. Thinks all of you. I also want a "clean button" , to clean the words I want. Because the original web page maybe have a very good format view. When I copy to the Evernote at once, most of the format is OK,like the original .But some of them is very bad. So I just need to clean the bad ones. I really don't want to "copy content" at first,then "copy as text" at second and so on. It wastes of time.
  3. I copy some web page,use ctrl+c,ctrl+v directly. But I don't want to keep the format sometimes. Maybe I want to clear a part of the page format. When I use the microsoft word , It provide a "clean format" function. I want to know if evernote can add this function?
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