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  1. I looked at the Doxie product and was not very impressed. I think they are all marketing hype. After doing lots of research, I bought the Xerox Mobile Scanner (http://www.xeroxscanners.com/en/us/products/XMS/default.asp?PN=XMS). Not only has this product won an Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2399341,00.asp), it comes with a custom Eye-Fi card that lets you scan and save your files to PDF without having to first open them on your computer! Since getting this little scanner, I have scanned all my recipes (the ones laying all over that I have torn out of magazines) to PDF and have my Eye-Fi card instantly upload everything to my Evernote account. Now when I am at the store and need to know what to buy, I just open Evernote on my phone, search for the recipe and have my entire ingredient list. I'm sure this process would work exactly the same for your wife's receipts! Good luck!
  2. I recently got the new Xerox Mobile Scanner (http://www.xeroxscanners.com/en/us/products/XMS/default.asp?PN=XMS) and it has been a dream to use! It comes with a custom Eye-Fi card that (as I understand it) is not available to the public or for use with any other device. This custom card wirelessly sends anything I scan as a PDF image to my iPhone and a copy to my Evernote account for safe keeping. It could not be easier to use!! Unlike the Doxie (which I also looked at) you don't have to connect the scanner to your computer to get the PDF to your phone or Evernote and the new iPhone app that they created is fantastic!! Look for it in the iTunes app store, it's called Xerox DocToMe.
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