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  1. Thank you! I am glad you like the idea! It feels so satisfying to have a record of all the great places you have visited.
  2. Evernote can take your collection of travel postcards to the next level. You can scan your postcards, tag them by dates or locations and if you ever need to look up the name of the place you remember visiting and picking up a postcard this information can be at your fingertips. Check out my blog post on this topic:http://photouristic.com/how-to-manage-a-collection-of-travel-postcards
  3. I am an avid traveler and few years back I discovered Passport to Your National Parks Program. Every time I go to a new place I am checking to see if any stamp locations are nearby. Evernote helped me organize my passport info in one place. Check out my blog post on this topic: http://photouristic.com/keeping-track-of-the-passport-to-national-parks-stamps-using-evernote
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