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  1. doesn't work for me either - I was hoping I'd get more options than the Mac desktop version (with its HUGE margins) but on web beta version I just get a virtually blank page when I print .. Harumph .... back to big margins i Guess...
  2. Me too - such a waste to have soooo much empty space at the top of every page !! I don't need a word processor, I just need to sometimes print my Evernote notes and not have nearly half the page wasted with margins!! Hmm I've now noticed that both blank space at the top and left margin has got a lot bigger - something to do with the new release??? As I understand its not tailorable I can't see how I could have made this happen ? WEIRD
  3. Woo - I didn't know about this feature either..... +1 for me I'd also like to select to have it 'stay on top' .. then really would be superfandabbydozy!
  4. I LOVE presentation mode - its what I've always been dreaming of, so I'm desperate to use it ... BUT is there some way to specify where the top/bottom of the screen will be? It seems that whether I have just plain text, or jpeg etc in a note, it always puts the text too low on the screen. It shows the note subject, and then the first line of the note is nearly half way down the screen... so I then need to scroll up to get the text into the centre of the screen. Any options to do this??
  5. I'm sure I used to be able to remove parts of a line for example in the old skitch, but can't find an eraser tool anywhere. I want to make a dashed line, but I can't see an option to create a dashed line, and now I can't find a way to remove parts of a solid line to make it dashed. Am I missing something obvious??
  6. Wonderful quick answer Metrodon thanks !! :-) Yes I downloaded from App Store originally... and this changed around 21 September so I assume there was an automatic upgrade - I'm on 3.3.1. I can't find that file on my Mac but its in my Crashplan backup listings so all should be OK - is it a hidden file on Mac or something ???
  7. Evernote is working wonderfully... but currently having a bit of a panic about my backups .... as I just went to check my backups on Crashplan and was a little concerned when my Evernote backup had a big red 'missing' next to it!!!. When I looked for my Evernote folder - I thought it was in Library/Application Support etc I couldn't find it... in fact I couldn't find it anywhere. Evernote is definitely working - but where's the data ?? Has it moved ???? Would appreciate any help so I can check my Evernote backups are working and relax again :-)
  8. Wooppiedoo it looks like all the email I sent to Evernote has arrived :-) I'm happy
  9. Ahh wonderful thanks to both of you - I don't normally check what I've emailed to Evernote, so if there's been a delay in the past I probably wouldn't have noticed. It was only because I was sending some stuff to Evernote for my tax return (yuk) that I wanted to check that it was there before I deleted it from elsewhere. I shall sit back in the sunshine and relax and trust that as its happening to others its nothing wrong at my end, just Evernote having a bit of a busy moment !! :-) Brilliant fast responses by the way !! :-)
  10. To triple-triple check - I've just tried to create new mail from my Mac email just now by copying my Evernote email information in the account summary and as soon as I put that in the to: address field it translates it to my existing nickname. So I'm definitely definitely sending to the right place. I'm Gazumped ;-)
  11. Hi Mr Gazumped.... Yes I did - as I mentioned I've sent from three different places. I have my Evernote id set up as a nickname in all the places. But, just to be sure, I also earlier created a new nickname in one place by copying/pasting from Evernote account information... and that didn't arrive either. The nicknames have been set up for a long time, and it was fine earlier this morning as an email arrived... It just then seems to have stopped working today...
  12. Update... and when I clipped this forum entry it arrived in Evernote without any problem as well.. So... its 'just' the mail that isn't arriving ...
  13. Hi --- Firstly ... I LOVE Evernote to bits, and regularly email things to my Evernote account but today it seems to have stopped working. I have tried sending from a) my samsung phone/gmail b ) my windows laptop/work email c) my mac/yahoo email and nothing arrived since early this morning I have created new notes on evernote on a) samsung, b ) windows/web c) mac evernote app and everything has arrived in all evernote places, so synching is fine. And, when I've cc'd other emails on the notes to Evernote the mails have arrived at the other email addresses, but not at evernote. I'm at a loss to think what can be the problem ????? PS I have made sure to check ALL notelogs not just my inbasket in case they had for some reason automatically filed. Has anyone got any ideas??
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