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  1. Me too - such a waste to have soooo much empty space at the top of every page !! I don't need a word processor, I just need to sometimes print my Evernote notes and not have nearly half the page wasted with margins!! Hmm I've now noticed that both blank space at the top and left margin has got a lot bigger - something to do with the new release??? As I understand its not tailorable I can't see how I could have made this happen ? WEIRD
  2. Woo - I didn't know about this feature either..... +1 for me I'd also like to select to have it 'stay on top' .. then really would be superfandabbydozy!
  3. I'm sure I used to be able to remove parts of a line for example in the old skitch, but can't find an eraser tool anywhere. I want to make a dashed line, but I can't see an option to create a dashed line, and now I can't find a way to remove parts of a solid line to make it dashed. Am I missing something obvious??
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