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  1. Same issue, pixel 3XL fully updated no betas and search on Evernote has pretty much stopped working completely. search is literally the only thing I care about on Evernote. I'm a premium user for it. Rather than providing me with a whole bunch of features that I actively don't want it would be nice if they actually focused on their core mission. This is a great way to get people like me to migrate off the platform
  2. I've been using, and loving, Evernote as a cloud based filing system - I want to scan my stuff in as pdfs and have it searchable. I'm premium. It used to be excellent, but is noticeably going downhill. Instead of the core functionality I'm getting deluged by garbage "upgrades" like work chat and skitch, which I can't turn off, and make using it considerably more frustrating. Does anyone have another solution for a scan to cloud with good search across devices? Dropbox? Google Drive?
  3. Another premium user who would like to turn off work chat - it actively makes my life worse. It's like evernote has abandoned what it was good at, and decided to imitate Microfts decent into over featured under functional buggy kludge ware And my problems used to be responded to in days. Now its weeks. So much for premium customer service. I wouldnt mind so much if the deluge of bugs didn't make it necessary. And search, which I care the most about? Going downhill. Any worse and it's useless. It's like evernote wants to be the myspace of it's field
  4. I agree, sadly, though am not bailing yet, as I hope the original evernote comes back. More bug fixes, less useless "features"
  5. I'm a premium user and have been for a while. Can premium users turn off work chat? It's worse than useless. Evernote started off great, and is going downhill. Reminds me of Microsoft word - complicated to death, and ignoring core functionality. I've stopped recommending it to people, and started pondering One Note. I hope the evernote we loved comes back
  6. I've waited a week, seems like it should be enough. Pulled a trouble ticket, and got the singular worst support email I've gotten - a cut and paste from the FAQ on pdfs. Seriously???!!! Premium means saving a click??!
  7. I'm a premium user, and use camscanner on my droid 3 to upload receipts to evernote. That's working fine, but the receipts aren't searchable/OCR'd, which loses a lot of functionality for me (I'd like the ability to search for line items in the receipts). Receipts are Lowes/ Home depot etc, pretty clear to me, can imagine the OCR engine has any problem with them. Does anyone have any idea how to make these pdfs searchable? Thanks
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