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  1. @DTLowoh... true... but the thread is Product Feedback/Feature Requests. If there's a place that they would actually read and respond to, by all means please let me know!!
  2. @John in Michigan USA Yeah well I'm only telling you if you are an Evernote product manager and you also are going to pay me to do your UX/HCD work for you. Ironically, I just now (15 minutes ago) sent in a response to their "give feedback" link from the evernote app menu bar that involved multiple f-bombs. I mean, why does the PDF annotation editor not let me rotate a PDF? Why is that option grayed out? And why do you have to open the annotation editor to rotate a PDF... why wouldn't this be a top-level tooltip (right click) option for a PDF in a note, as it seems like a very basic quick thing somebody might want to do with multiple notes?? So there. You got one evidence of suckage for free.
  3. Yeah, and I think this is part of the problem: EN is trying to be an Everything app. Remember Work chat? Good lord. It kept begging me, "do this thing, do this thing," and I'm like, "Shut up, I don't want to chat with colleagues in the evernote app, I just want to store notes in a reliable way that lets me retrieve them easily." Maybe I should give their editor another chance though—I've gotten away from using EN as a place to create basic content.
  4. Thanks, folks, for your thoughts. @DTLow & @aukirk, I'm not using Legacy, and only learned of it recently. I am indeed on v.10.11. Legacy isn't going to be a permanent solution, as its support will get dropped sooner or later—it doesn't seem worth it to consider that to be a reliable path forward. Remember, Evernote isn't just some "fun" app that it's nice to have like a game, or a "one of many" app like a browser or email client, but for folks like me, using it for over a decade to file and track all sorts of notes and documents and saved web articles for both personal and work use and my entire paperless records system—it is, as @CalS described it, my "2nd brain". As @PinkElephant says, the more elaborate workflows are, the more likely they are to be disrupted. I'm really not whining about needing to rearrange the way I do this or that; I understand how software needs to evolve and move forward, and I understand there will always be a tension between long-time users who've gotten used to "the way things used to be" and keeping it fresh and adapting to the present tech world and welcoming for new users who don't have any of the old-timers' concerns. As you point out @PinkElephant, a real hiccup now is "where the app needs to interact with the rest of the world, like scanning, importing, seamlessly modifying attachments in other apps, printing, etc." I mean, come on, is this not at the heart of what EN is??? And yes, these are a big part of my issues—EN has always been a great place to store captured web pages, so I can reliably save info without needing to bookmark a whole website and then find it lost in three years when the page is either gone or it's been assigned a new URL so...it's also essentially gone. I'm a high school teacher and EN has been GREAT for storing articles to use in class, and over the years I've found great ways to use EN's various page capture options to store decent-looking versions of pages. But now... sheesh. I understand some of this is due to the way web code has gotten more complex and it's not as easy for EN to strip it down to the text in a pretty way, but their job is to figure out how to make it work. And importing into EN—oh my gosh. (All these examples are from the v.10 MacOS client.) EN now appears in some services menus (my print dialogues still offer "save to EN") but not in share menus (e.g. Preview). So in some cases I need to "open in Preview" and then use Preview's print dialogue to get the "save to EN" option, since the Share menu in Preview doesn't include EN anymore. And when I *do* print to EN, it takes forever to show up, and doesn't seem to do anything consistently (sometimes the newly shared doc opens in a window on top of EN, sometimes I have to find my default notebook, etc. And THEN once I've imported it, the most basic processing actions are SENSELESSLY difficult: clicking on the name of the notebook—which is intuitive— no longer lets you select other notebooks to move the note to from a dropdown. Instead, it opens that entire notebook Instead, when I want to move my newly-imported note to its proper notebook—which is an obvious thing a user would do while interacting with a new note in the note's window—I need to first hover over the notebook name, which only then makes visible the icon for "add to other notebook." Below are the two views of this at the top of the note view. The first is what you see. The second is what you see if you hover over the notebook name for a second. And this is what really gets me: when initially processing a new note, you want to put it in the right notebook and assign some quick tags. But no longer are the tab options right next to the notebook name—which would be intuitive, since these are all metadata "finding aids" and should appear together in one place. Instead, I need to go down to the *bottom* of the note view to add tags. And since the "add tag" icon is tiny, it takes additional effort to select it after traveling all the way from the top of the note. (This is Fitts' Law, covered in entry-level UX design courses.) I mean, I can go on. When typing in the name of a notebook to ADD a note too, the top autocomplete option is no longer selected by default. Formerly, I could just type "lib" and hit enter, since "library" would be the top autocomplete hit and would be selected by default. Now I actually need to arrow or mouse down to the top choice, EVEN IF IT'S THE ONLY CHOICE POSSIBLE!! ++++++++++++++++++= So, yeah, many of these things by themselves might be nit-picky, and you might say no big deal get over it, but they do, taken together, add up to significant slow-downs to a basic workflow. And note that these are not byzantine workflows peculiar to the way *I* do things—processing a new note seems like a pretty basic process at the heart of EN's functionality. Also, though, and maybe the bigger issue, is that the fact that basic slowdowns like these popped into EN updates makes me concerned with the product going forward. Is EN a reliable platform? Does it really deserve the amount of trust I put into it? If they seemingly don't care about changes that so obviously and foreseeably impact users' workflows, what else might pop up in the future? Again, I don't really know why I'm typing all this. I don't expect them to respond; I feel pretty powerless, which isn't a great place to be when I have this much invested in the platform.
  5. I'd be happy to help you out by giving you plenty of concrete examples, if you're actually interested. Yeah you've got a gazillion new features and the new landing page in the app with a picture of a cup of coffee and window blinds, but there are lots of basic things that are really just so frustrating now, needlessly so, and I wonder all the time if you even realize how this slows down my workflow and makes me feel Evernote is increasingly unreliable. This really bothers me because I've been using Evernote for a long time—since 2010—and I use it to file everything. So I want it to work and to be able to trust that it will always be stable and reliable and operate as I expect it. Recently, this has not been the case... but I don't feel like there's any way I can speak up or get anyone's attention. Yelling into a forum and hearing nothing in return, or scrolling through perky help guides? Not my idea of fun. Anyway, just thought I'd offer. Lmk.
  6. STOP RUINING IT FOR GOD'S SAKE! Seriously. In note view on the Mac app (10.7.6), why can I no longer click on the notebook name to change the notebook that a note is in? THIS IS THE MOST OBVIOUS WAY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS TASK. I've been using Evernote for over a decade. You all seem to be drunk or high now as you're coming up with new changes to make. So, apparently, a good design choice for changing the notebook a note is in requires the user to locate the 3 dots on the opposite side of the screen from the notebook name, click on them, select "move," and THEN select from the list of notebooks to move the note to. This feature lacks any sort of obvious discoverability, except that 3 dots means "there's more options here." The obvious signifier for changing notebooks is to click on the actual notebook name. This is how it always was in the past. Again, only a drunk or high designer would decide it would be a good idea to move—and essentially hide—the signifier for this affordance. Yes I've read Don Norman so I'm not just some rando but do indeed half know what I'm talking about. IS ANYBODY READING THIS?
  7. +1 this has been frustrating me for a while now. Make it stop Evernote!!!
  8. The place I tend to share from is Preview. Now I use the print menu, click the PDF option, and select Save PDF to Evernote. It works... but Evernote is definitely getting finicky and demanding.
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