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  1. Recently the Save to Evernote icon in MS Outlook returns a blank screen with the message Unable to Load Conversation. Evernote is up to date, Outlook is MS Office Home and Business 2016.
  2. After setting up a Bullet Journal in an Evernote Moleskein notebook, it struck me that I was missing the boat, and should just build a Bullet Journal notebook in Evernote. To do so, I need a monthly log template. Before I create one, does anybody have one to share?
  3. gazumped has a point. Whatever system you are using in EN is working. You waste a lot of time looking for the "next best thing" rather using the system that you have. That, IMHO, is the genius of Evernote: the app does not force us to use a predefined system, but lets us create our own.
  4. Why? There is always a problem with "bloatware" when Developers move a treasured application from an area of core competences in a completely different direction.
  5. Evernote on Windows 7 Desktop, Windows 8.1 tablet, Android Phone and in iPad, plus a browser version. You cannot get that with One Note. The reason I switched in the first place was lack of an Android client (direct from MS, not a 3rd party hack) from Microsoft. Add to that Clearly, Skitch, Web Clipper, Penultimate.
  6. This brings up a great point. Google synchs seamlessly with Android calendars, and with the huge Evernote user base on non iOS devices, this would be a welcome addition. Unfortunately, like a lot of Northern California Tech Companies, iOS predominates development efforts.
  7. MS Office applications no have a Save as PDF menu item. But, in reality, printing to PDF is exactly what Acrobat is all about. In Onenote, you are mimicing the Print to Acrobat function without the intermediate steps.
  8. I learned a similar system years ago in one of those "How to Get Multiple Things Done @ Once" seminars. File folder for each day of the month for due dates. So, if you need to know what has to be done on the 15th, you sort by the 15 tag? Very interesting, I have to look into this.
  9. Way back in the dawn of computing time, there was a memory resident DOS program called Sidekick. You accessed Sidekick by hitting the Alt key and a window would pop up (pretty revolutionary in DOS days) with a menu of notes that you could easily edit. I used to do all my contact notes in Sidekick. Then Windows was released and character based programs would no longer work. Eventually, Sidekick developer's Borland released a windows version called Tornado Notes which did, from what I remember, something similar to your application without the ability to easily rearrange them on the display.
  10. You aren't going to like OneNote as much as you will Evernote. Handwriting app notwithstanding.
  11. What you are going to want is Penultimate, which is currently iOS only. Hopefully the Evernote PM reads this.
  12. Your image is of an invoice. I thought the intent of Page Camera was to work specifically with Moleskine notebooks? The Page Camera images I have taken from the M-S notebook are clear and readable.
  13. When I am done with a project (like really done, not the false done before the other shoe drops) I would like to retain the notebook for future refrence, but not crowd my active list with old stuff. Can I create an "Archive" notebook (local only, not synched) and drop in other notebooks?
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