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  1. +1 When doing something like printing off a table for use by meeting participants, it would be really nice to NOT have to import it into Word to format it. The fact that Mac Evernote lacks even the basic formatting features found in Windows EVernote is a complete shock to me.
  2. Feature request that I am still hoping for: Support hierarchical tag searches. You already support a hierarchical tag structure. A wonderful addition to that support would be to allow me to search for a parent tag and find all notes tagged with a child as well. For example, if my tag structure looks like: VehiclesFordToyotaThen doing a note search for TAG:Toyota would find all notes tagged with Toyota. But searching for TAG:Vehicles would give me all notes tagged with Vehicles, Ford or Toyota. Since I often use hierarchical tags to tag subprojects within larger projects, this would really help me out. Also, as has been pointed out earlier, when typing the first few characters of a tab, the lookup takes a long time (a couple of seconds for me) and you've changed the behavior of typing the first few characters of a tag (enough to get it unique) and then pressing Enter to accept that tag. This used to work wonderfully, and for any of us using Evernote as a GTD system it saved a lot of time. I don't mind the boring flat interface; it doesn't get in the way at least. And I am not seeing much value in the Related Notes feature yet but perhaps I just have too many notes (about 13,000 right now).
  3. For Windows, I stumbled across this "feature" by accident. If you click and drag a note from Evenrnote to your desktop, it will create a standalone ENEX file. Double-clicking on that file will create a new note in your default notebook with the ENEX file's characteristics -- title, attachments, content, tags, everything except date created. It's not really a templating system but if you mainly use one device it could suffice. Doesn't work for me as I regularly move between desktop, laptop, ipad and iphone. Note that ENEX doesn't seem to be associiated with Evernote in all cases. You may need to add the association the first time you double-click on the file.
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