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  1. I am really happy to know that my post helped you. I am sure that many people struggle with this problem and I hope that someone from the company would read this thread and do something about it.
  2. It was in Japanese, so it wasn't that easy. Thanks for the reply, anyway. PS: Now I can understand what caused my confusion - when you are in the options -> language menu all it takes to change a language is to use your mouse scroll.
  3. It took me almost an hour but I finally managed to do it. If someone else has the same problem, the solution is to go to the 2nd option from the 6th dropdown menu and to choose the last tab. I hope that someone from the EN team will see this topic and will make it easier to switch back to your language (for example it would be nice if there is an icon next to the options menu so that a person can find it easily).
  4. Hi, all The menus in Evernote suddenly changed to some language which I don't understand. How can I return them back to English? Is there a hotkey for the options menu?
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