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  1. Awww, I guess if all fail, I will have to buy Documents to go. That is the only app I know that can open/save the notes in SD card and display Chinese fonts correctly. But it's $15 !
  2. So there is no way to import notes to evernote from other source to an android cell phone?
  3. Urrr, I think maybe you are a premium user? I am a free version user. Are the features you mentioned available for me? "drag and drop?" How do I do this in a cell phone? I know how to do this in a PC but not in a cell phone. Thanks. I juts found out one thing. My phone doesn't have an internet connection so once I log off, I can't log on again unless the phone has an internet connection, right?
  4. So what I did is saving a note (txt format) in SD card, then open it with evernote as an attachment of some notes. Can evernote just import it and open it as an indepedent note, not an attachment? Thanks. P.S. my android cell phone doesn't have an internet connection so I am looking for a way to import notes without internet.
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