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  1. None for me either, regardless of which browser or computer I view on.
  2. Have the numbers and bullets *ever* changed color?
  3. Yet again, I bow to your expansive wisdom about "all things EN." (They should hire you. Now. Or maybe yesterday.) Thanks!
  4. Same here. Search is failing miserably, frequently turning up zero hits for words that are heavily represented in my notes. Guys. I loved EN, sang its praises from the rooftops for years, but for a paid premium subscription, some of these bugs are beyond the pale.
  5. Also, the search window is so small that if you're trying to search within a notebook, there's no place to put the cursor, making it impossible to type a search term. :::ugh:::
  6. Ditto here. No titles, but the gargantuan margin is still there, gobbling up a ton of the page. :::sigh:::
  7. Thankfully, it hasn't happened for some time now. No clue what resolved the issue.
  8. Why in the world didn't it occur to me to use split screen? :::duh::: Could do the same thing with Notes Plus. A few moments later.... Nope. Doesn't work. In Notes Plus: If you select a section of text for conversion, then copy, it lands on the Notes Plus clipboard, making it available only to Notes Plus. If you instead translate the entire page at one time, then copy, it lands on the system clipboard, making it available to other apps (i.e., EN). Crud. I love everything else about the app (especially the built-in browser). Something to think about if I eventually begin converting handwriting to text.
  9. @DTLow, I'm curious---how do you transfer convert-to-text content from GoodNotes into EN? I'm using Notes Plus and have to admit, I love it, although I rarely use the Convert to Text feature. Most of the time, I simply export my handwritten notes as PDF into EN, then move them to whatever notebook they belong in.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree. If they can't do a total reboot, they should (at the very least) make the last iteration of v.7 easily accessible to those who don't still have a backup copy. But we all know that's unrealistic. Too public an admission of total failure with v.8.
  11. Same here. Am still flying 7.18.1 on both the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s, but...when the new iPad Pro arrives next week, I'll be holding my breath when trying to install my tightly-held copy of that older version. You echoed several thoughts I've had about this since the first (catastrophic) version of (the astonishingly faulty) v8.0 rolled out. My previously unbridled enthusiasm for EN has turned to dread, terrified that I'll inadvertently tap the update button in the App Store while on the road or with clients. God help us all if that happens.
  12. Dang. Sounded like a cool tool, but I see it's now been "shut down." Really hope that wasn't due to EN action, but... Can't help but wonder.
  13. +1 to that. I'm happy to let others beta test each new EN release, having seen what a mess v8.0 and v8.1 were. No plans to update on either the iPad or iPhone until v8.2 has been proven stable for others. Convenient? Nope, but my data and workflow are too valuable to risk it.
  14. I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the fact it took three installs and/or a total reboot to get it functioning; or the definition of "pretty good now" includes repeated crashes, error report popups, list scrolling, and laggy note edits. I've been apologizing to clients right and left for bringing them into EN while advising they no longer update the app without checking for problems in the forums first. No app (nor any consultant) should have to experience this. Still can't fathom how this has remained under the radar with tech bloggers and publications....
  15. Ditto to all of the above. Like @JMichaelTX, I've been using it for years, on multiple devices/machines (was one of the early adopters when they first launched). Military grade encryption, easy-peasy UI, and unrivaled customer service. Oh yeah. And they test updates to the nth degree before releasing version updates.
  16. Guess clinging to the boat with no holes in the bottom vs. jumping in the boat with lots of holes appeals to me. Until there's a solid, functional version of EN for iOS, I'm happy with my v7 boat.
  17. Am I the only person surprised none of the tech bloggers or publications have written about this? Given the number of problems and (still failing) revisions between v 8.0 and v 8.1, the silence is almost deafening. That's what moved the needle a few years ago, when things were running off the rails in a similar manner....
  18. But it *is* the most reliable approach to avoid loss of data and/or functionality. Early adoption of EN rollouts comes with inherent risk, as has been proven again by v8.x.
  19. @hernanballesteros and @DTLow, I respectfully request the back-and-forth about each other's comments and opinions please be taken into PMs instead of here in the user forum. Current app issues are frustrating enough without adding personal angst and/or animosity between members. Much appreciated.
  20. @JMichaelTX, as usual, you're dead-on correct. It's as if the left hand (mobile team) has no idea what the right hand (desktop team) is doing. They just toss updates out here to see what sticks...or doesn't. :::urgh:::
  21. You're welcome—glad it worked for you. ?
  22. Here's how I did it: https://www.evernote.com/l/ACR2DbUyCYpMHKqkyxxxe9f_vln71tkL9R8 Requires iTunes. I learned long ago not to update the app version stored on my laptop until confirming the mobile update actually works.
  23. Maybe it does. I've reinstalled v7, so no way to test it (and heaven knows, I'm not updating to v8 on the iPad 'til this stuff's resolved).
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