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  1. Adding hyperlinks is easier on the desktop than on iOS devices. On iOS, the simplest way to add hyperlinks is to copy the link then select the text then click add hyperlink then clear the field then add paste the link then add return, I propose a leaner solution with fewer steps. Either: 1. Change the "add hyperlink" icon to "take whatever is on the clipboard and immediately add it as a hyperlink without asking or confirming or anything" or 2. Have an additional (perhaps optional) ability to do that Thanks!
  2. +1 for Mac/iOS ability to highlight from within EN
  3. +1. The option to sync would be useful. The option to sync history would be appreciated, too.
  4. +1. This is core functionality. Also need ability to crop and rotate images.
  5. If I want to search for the thought "vacation", I get results for EVERYTHING with "vacation" in it. I'd like the option for search results to begin with notes whose names start with, or at least contain, the term I'm searching for.
  6. +1! Feature request and list of upcoming features would be great.
  7. Yes! Please! Better table options. Doesn't need to be Excel spectacular. There are many uses for spreadsheets, business and personal. I'd be happy just being able to resize columns and rows and having pale gray cell borders. I've tried importing some spreadsheets from another app (Personal Brain) just so the column width is correct. They look great, but I can't add or edit data on my mobile device!
  8. +1 for highlighting. And preferably with a nice, default yellow color.
  9. +1 to Full Screen = Full Screen The current view is great for some users, I'm sure. But if you use a different view AND want to be able to swipe between full-screen apps, there need to be more view options for full-screen!
  10. +1 for chart upgrade. It wouldn't have to be as robust as Excel. But simply formatting column width and adding the ability to do basic math would be fantastic.
  11. +1 For more robust tables! Especially specifying column width and basic math. Has EN considered using UserVoice as a means of soliciting customer feature requests?
  12. I agree with Ed (original poster). Adding checkable boxes as another "brand" of bullet should be a quick and easy improvment. Furthermore, if there were some checklist preferences, all the better. For example, ticking off the box automatically adds strikethrough to the item. Google tasks works this way. It helps to visually distinguish the entire task as completed while maintaining readability. Or ticking off item causes it to gray out. And they could be re-ordered (again a la Google tasks).
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